Welcome to Cathedral City Markets
Welcome to Cathedral City Markets  

New Trader?

Opportunities for New Traders including Pitch Discounts for First Time Exhibitors (see below).


  • Are you a small scale food or drink producer, artist or crafts person?
  • Do you have a creative hobby that you can believe you can make money from?
  • Has your hobby taken over your house, your life, your sanity?
  • Do you visit craft events and markets and look enviously at the range of products on display and wonder if only you could get involved and find a place to sell your products?

If you can answer 'Yes' to any of the above questions then Cathedral City Markets may be able to help you. As a Community Interest Company set up specifically to provide retail opportunities to the trading community in the South West we are continually seeking to offer the opportunity for people like you to showcase and sell your products to a local audience who have an appreciation of your skills and creative talent.


Our selected traders are a wide ranging, friendly bunch who regularly trade in some of the finest venues in Cornwall, Devon and further afield; if you are a newcomer they will put themselves out to help and support you and are always excited by new talent entering their world. Our customers, similarly, are a diverse crowd whose common point of interest is high quality coupled with value for money. They understand your commitment to your product and show their appreciation by turning up time after time to shop at our markets and support our traders.


Traders new to our events get the most benefit by booking at least three markets with us, preferably with dates in quick succession. This allows the opportunity to judge for yourself whether this environment is the correct one for you and your product. A single event can give you a false idea of whether it is going to work for you, one way or the other, whereas three events gives you a reasonably accurate indication as to what the future holds.


A couple of things for new traders and exhibitors to bear in mind are whether you have the production capacity to deal with demand. We get thousands of customers at our events and you are not doing us, or yourself, any favours if you sell out within the first few hours of a two day event! You therefore need to be confident that, if your product is a success, you can cope with the demand for it. This is particularly relevant with food and drink producers who tend to do very well indeed at our markets.


Also you need to be aware of how you present your product and yourself. This is a professional sales environment and you need to be constantly focussed on presenting your products in the best possible light whilst behaving, at all times, properly and professionally. Therefore how you present can be as important as what you sell, if you want to get customers returning to you and your product on a regular basis. It is not acceptable to simply pile boxes onto a table and hope to sell. If that’s what you’re looking for then please don’t waste our time or yours. You need to be at a car boot sale or a Flea Market. Likewise, you have to be prepared to engage with the public. We will not tolerate vendors who bury their heads into a newspaper or book or who sit listening to music on their ipod. You are at our events to sell and if, for a few short hours, you can’t concentrate on that then, frankly, we don’t want you.


Our most successful traders all have three things in common;


  • Regular attendances at these markets
  • Excellent presentation of products and person
  • A commitment to personalised customer service


If you can focus on these factors then you will be giving yourself the best chance possible to succeed.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality, individualised service to each of our traders and seek to build successful business partnerships with each and every one to creative a synergy that benefits all.


Approved Trader List


If you are interested in taking the first step towards a new life then you have to get your name onto our "Approved Trader List". This is a relatively simple vetting process. Before you can be added to our list we need to ensure that your product is good enough to be sold at our markets and we therefore need to see what you hope to sell. This can be done by referring us to your website (if you have one), sending us three or four jpegs of your products (don't overdo it, if we want any more photos for clarification we'll ask for them).


You can even do it the old fashioned way and physically bring a sample of your products into one of our markets where the CCM representative can make a decision there and then (it's a good idea to email us first so that we know what time roughly to expect your visit). Once your product has been approved you are added to our list. This then enables you to book events with us, subject to availability of course. 


You should be aware that we subject traders and exhibitors at our markets to a process of continuous assessment. This includes spot checks on products and presentation and "secret shoppers" to gauge customer service. Anyone falling below our standards will be removed from the Approved Trader List.


Pitch Discount for New Exhibitors.


As a Community Interest Company (CIC) part of our remit is to encourage, develop and nurture new entrants to the market. As such, we can offer a discounted pitch fee for your first market with us if you are a start up business and have never traded with us before. A single pitch (6ft x 4ft) will be just £65 for a two day event, or £105 for a three day market (excluding the Christmas Market). You will still need to apply to the committee for vetting and more details can be found on the 2017 Booking Form.





Cathedral City Markets CIC

E-mail: info@ccmarkets.co.uk

email is best!!!!

Phone: 01209 697 202


Market Dates 2019

May 3rd & 4th

May 31st & June 1st

July 26th + 27th

September 13th & 14th

October 25th & 26th

November 15th, 16th & 17th

All markets will be held on Lemon Quay Piazza, Truro, TR1 2PU, in front of Marks & Spencer's, Debenhams, and Primark.


Market Opening Hours:


Friday:      Open: 10.00   Close: 16.30

Saturday:  Open: 08.45   Close: 16.45

Sunday:     Open: 10.00 Close 16.00*


* 3 day markets only. 2 Day markets are Fridays and Saturdays.


Company Number

Registered at Companies House, Number 09412964

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