Welcome to Cathedral City Markets
Welcome to Cathedral City Markets  

If you are new to our events then you are sure to have a number of questions. Before you call or email us, have a look through the FAQ's below and see if you can get your answer here.


1 - Can anybody trade at a CCM event?

No, anyone who applies to participate at a CCM event must go through our vetting procedure before being offered a trading space. Our events are high quality and are aimed at the middle to top end of the market towards consumers with a high disposable income. Prospective traders are vetted for quality and diversity of product and, following successful completion of this process, are placed on our Approved Trader list. Once on this list, traders are eligible to participate. Most traders at this level are either professional or semi-professional although we do encourage new entrants to the industry as well.

2 - What products do you have at your events?

A healthy mix of food, drink, arts, crafts, textiles and gifts. No two events are ever the same and we are constantly looking to encourage new talent.

3 - How do I get on the CCM Approved Trader list?

You must make arrangements for a CCM representative to have sight of your product. This can be through the emailing of pictures, the sending of samples by post, or by physically bringing the product to an event for a CCM representative to examine. You can find out more on our Event Information page.

4 - Do my products have to be Cornish?

While we actively encourage local artists and producers, our company ethos is based around the pursuit of excellence. As long as your product is of a very high standard then you stand a good chance of being invited to participate.

5 - I am a member of the Made in Cornwall scheme. Surely this means I am eligible for your Approved Trader list without the need for vetting?

Not necessarily. Made in Cornwall is an excellent business support Approved Origin scheme run by the Trading Standards Department at Cornwall County Council. However, membership of the MiC scheme does not automatically mean admittance onto the DME Approved Trader list which is determined by quality as opposed to origin of product.

6 - Are your events cheap?

No they are not, but do you really want your product to be associated with a cheap venue? If you want to go to the most prestigious, well attended market in Cornwall in the company of highly talented artists and gourmet food and drink producers then you have to expect to pay the appropriate price. We consider that our events are competitively priced and provide excellent value for money.

7 - Do you have any spaces left at any of the shows?

We try to keep this website as up to date as possible with availability but things can move fast in this industry and sometimes, where an event is marked as "Sold Out" we may have had a cancellation and a space may be available. Conversely, we may receive multiple bookings for an event on the same day. Therefore, if in doubt, drop us an email and we can confirm availability. Normally, we will use the Market Dates sidebar (on the left of each page) to show when a market has sold out.

8 - What do I need to bring with me?

We can rent you a sturdy 6ft x 2ft table, but you need to notify us that you require one. We supply an electrical point for a three pin plug. You will need to bring a tablecloth/cover, a stool and any electrical equipment (leads, cables, lamps etc) that you need for your display. Any electrical equipment that you use must be PAT-tested. Bring a waterproof cover for your stall in case of any overnight condensation. You are also advised to bring business cards and/or leaflets with your contact details- many traders find that they receive considerable extra business after (sometimes, many months after) the event. If you are new to exhibiting your work it is recommended that you mark out an appropriate size trading space in your garage or your garden and practice setting up your display for greatest visual impact.

9 - When can I set up my display at the market?

Unless stated otherwise, the Truro market trading hours are 10.00 am till 4.30 pm on the Friday, 8.45 am to 4.45 pm on the Saturday, and 10.00 am till 4.00 pm on Sunday if it is a three day event. Exhibitors can arrive to set up from 7.30am on the Friday morning. We provide overnight security so that your stall and display can be left in position on Friday night. The marquee must be vacated by no later than 6.00 pm on the Saturday or 5.30 pm on Sunday if a three day market. To prevent confusion, each participant at every CCM event receives an email from us a few days prior to the event date giving set up times, opening times, parking, security and other details.

10 - Is my trading space allocated on a first-come, first-served basis?

No. A floor plan is designed prior to each event with regard to the mix of traders, appearance and public enjoyment. When you arrive at the event a CCM representative will escort you to your allocated trading space. The plan takes in a number of variables and we try to ensure that similar products are not next to, or opposite, each other. Therefore, once a space has been allocated it cannot be changed, so please do not ask.

11- How do you decide the mix of traders?

We operate a quota system using a complex mathematical algorithm that determines the number of traders with any one particular type of product. Therefore,spaces for popular items such as jewellery and soaps/creams are restricted. This means that no events are "top heavy" with any one type of product. 

12 - What are the other traders like?

Some artists and producers have been in the business for over thirty years. Others are new start-ups who want to make a name for themselves but cannot afford a shop or expensive advertising. What they all have in common is a pleasant attitude to the public and each other and an ability and willingness to work as part of an extended, happy family.

13 - I am disabled. Can I trade at your events?

Yes. As long as your product passes our vetting criteria then there is no problem about your participation. Tell us about your disability and we will make appropriate arrangements. We do not discriminate on ANY grounds.

14 - Where do I park my vehicle?

All vehicles are to be removed from the show site by opening time. If you do not know the show area, your CCM representative will advise you of the nearest long-stay parking. 

15 - It will be a long day, I am on my own and I need to go to the toilet. What can I do?

We pride ourselves on customer service at CCM and our representative at the event will be happy to look after your stand for five minutes while you nip to the loo, get a cup of tea, have a ciggie etc. As long as this service is not abused, then we are happy to provide it.

16 - Why do I need a Street Trader Licence at Truro?

You don't. After many years of protesting about the unfairness of individual traders needing a Cornwall Council trading licence, the Council have finally agreed that exhibitors and traders at our events DO NOT need a trading licence.

17 - Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

To protect yourself from litigation from any member of the public who injures or poisons themselves on your stand or with your product. If you do not have this cover you WILL NOT be allowed to trade at a DME or many other events. Do not attempt to buy this insurance from your ordinary household insurer as they do not understand what is required and will charge excessively for potentially inadequate cover. 95% of our traders get their cover (up to £5 million public liability) through membership of the National Market Traders Federation (www.nmtf.co.uk) . For £122 p.a. (2017 rates), you get ample cover at an unlimited number of events. CCM recommends the NMTF.

18 - Can I add the CCM  Approved Trader logo to my banner/ advertising?

Yes you can. Call us and we will email you our advertising pack with appropriate logos.

19 - Can I add my website link to your Links page?

Yes, on a reciprocal no-fee basis. Contact us for details.

20 - I have got a number of questions that are not dealt with here. What do I do?

Email us on info@ccmarkets.co.uk


Cathedral City Markets CIC

E-mail: info@ccmarkets.co.uk

email is best!!!!

Phone: 01209 697 202


Market Dates 2019

May 3rd & 4th

May 31st & June 1st

July 26th + 27th

September 13th & 14th

October 25th & 26th

November 15th, 16th & 17th

All markets will be held on Lemon Quay Piazza, Truro, TR1 2PU, in front of Marks & Spencer's, Debenhams, and Primark.


Market Opening Hours:


Friday:      Open: 10.00   Close: 16.30

Saturday:  Open: 08.45   Close: 16.45

Sunday:     Open: 10.00 Close 16.00*


* 3 day markets only. 2 Day markets are Fridays and Saturdays.


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Registered at Companies House, Number 09412964

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