Welcome to Cathedral City Markets
Welcome to Cathedral City Markets  

History- how we got where we are now.

Deborah Martyn Events Limited (DME) was formed by Martyn & Linda Davies in 2003 to provide good quality markets and fairs at quality and prestigious locations in Cornwall & Devon. By not only vetting the standard of product that producers and traders wanted to sell at these events but also by excluding vendors who provided poor customer service or had the wrong sort of attitude, DME soon built a reputation amongst the trading community and the general public for organising successful, sought-after events in a wide variety of locations.


In a very brief space of time DME were the "go-to" company for town centre managers, stately home owners, event committees and others who wanted a DME event or market to bring fresh life to their venue and draw in crowds in their thousands. Events such as the Shopping Village at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta, the Truro Christmas Late Night Shopping Markets, the Trafalgar Day Celebrations in Penzance, food fairs at National Trust properties, the Truro Victorian Christmas Fair and many more cemented the reputation of DME and made these events very popular amongst the trading community.


The mainstay and backbone of these successes was the continuing monthly market held on Lemon Quay Piazza in the centre of Truro, located perfectly outside the front doors of Marks and Spencer's and Debenhams. The DME ethos of great quality at great prices was demonstrated here every month and a large number of SME's started out here and grew and prospered. Many of the early DME traders and producers are now shop-owners, a number of them with more than one shop, and there is even one producer who used the DME events to start his own international franchise.


After an extremely successful decade, Martyn and Linda decided that they wanted to start cutting back on their work so that they could enjoy a retirement pursuing hobbies that included spending more time at their house in Northern Spain and touring the world on a motorbike. As a result, the past two years have seen the number of events under the DME umbrella reduce to just the Truro events; the monthly markets, the Victorian Christmas Fair, the Last Chance Show and the Christmas Street Markets. It swiftly became clear that the main demand on their time was the monthly Truro markets and the decision was made that they had to go. Therefore the question was; How to ensure that the monthly markets continue whilst, at the same time, allowing Martyn & Linda to spend more time on their outside pursuits?   After ten years of building relationships and partnerships the couple were not prepared to leave their clients, and in many cases, friends, to the mercy of the many chancers, charlatans and incompetents in the event industry. 


By taking the decision to split DME into two a perfect solution was found and Cathedral City Markets CIC (CCM) was born.


DME will continue to run the Christmas events for a few more years, until full retirement beckons, but CCM will take over the organisation and operation of the Truro monthly markets. By giving away half of their business to the trading community and forming it into a a Community Interest Company, Martyn and Linda have guaranteed the future trading opportunities of the many SME's who rely on the monthly markets for a large and significant part of their income whilst freeing up their own time so that they can enjoy semi-retirement. As Martyn says, "We received some offers to sell this part of the business as a going concern but Linda and I felt that, if we couldn't guarantee how people who we have been working with for nearly twelve years were going to be treated then we would rather give the business away and influence some positive outcomes instead".


Initially, long time traders at DME events, Paul and Claire Wilcox, will manage the new company with Martyn and Linda acting as Directors for the first year of trading. During this time Martyn will mentor Claire and ensure a smooth transition. At the end of 2015 both Martyn and Linda will resign their Directorships and new Directors will be elected from the trading community that this organisation has been established to benefit. From then on the CIC will be able to determine its own new and exciting direction. 


We wish Martyn and Linda well in their retirement and, on behalf of the trading community, publicly thank them for their altruism.


The benefits to the trading community of a Community Interest Company are many and are explained elsewhere on this website but it is anticipated that the new organisation will provide many years of trading opportunities in the future.




Cathedral City Markets CIC

E-mail: info@ccmarkets.co.uk

email is best!!!!

Phone: 01209 697 202


Market Dates 2019

May 3rd & 4th

May 31st & June 1st

July 26th + 27th

September 13th & 14th

October 25th & 26th

November 15th, 16th & 17th

All markets will be held on Lemon Quay Piazza, Truro, TR1 2PU, in front of Marks & Spencer's, Debenhams, and Primark.


Market Opening Hours:


Friday:      Open: 10.00   Close: 16.30

Saturday:  Open: 08.45   Close: 16.45

Sunday:     Open: 10.00 Close 16.00*


* 3 day markets only. 2 Day markets are Fridays and Saturdays.


Company Number

Registered at Companies House, Number 09412964

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